Treatment of urethritis in men

Urethritis – inflammation that affects the urethra, manifests discomfort during urination and urethral discharge with an unpleasant odor.

The disease can affect both male and female genitourinary system, but because of the anatomical features of the body in men the disease is much harder to pass, and the symptoms are more acute before. This is due to the length and narrowness of the channel.

Treatment of urethritis in men is dictated by the form of the disease. The latter, in turn, is due to the nature of the origin of infection: an infectious or not (non-infectious.)

Infectious Diseases Group (genital infection) is more common and is classified by the nature of pathogens:

  • specific (gonorrheal and so on. d.);
  • non-specific (provoked by chlamydia, ureaplazamami, Trichomonas, various viruses, mycoplasmas, and so on. d.).
  • Pathology related to non-communicable may be triggered by trauma urethra (in Vol. H. Related to the impact of foreign bodies – catheters, and so on. D.), Allergic reactions, narrowing of the urethra.

The symptoms of urethritis

  • The disease manifests itself in the form of pain, cramps and burning sensation during urination, especially at the initial stage; observed the general pain in the crotch area, as well as discharge from the urethra in the morning period.
  • If it is a bacterial infection of nonspecific type allocation was voluminous, malodorous, mucopurulent texture, blue and green.
  • When the inflammatory process provoked gonorrhea, isolation observed in the morning and look like white pus drops.
  • Inflammation may eventually cover a wide area, reaching the bladder, prostate and scrotum. Possible complications – orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis. Launched form can lead to male infertility. Another negative consequence of the running process of the disease – stricture, or narrowing of the urethra; It manifested as lowering the pressure of urine.

The treatment regimen of urethritis in men

  • Tighten the treatment of urethritis in men should not be – the disease will not disappear on their own. Even a non-infectious form of the disease in a short time transformed into a nonspecific when microbes become more active conditionally pathogenic flora.
  • At the first stage the doctor refers the patient to be examined to determine the pathogen. Diagnosis involves a series of procedures. Besides the standard sowing biological material, indicates the effectiveness of the PCR analysis and ELISA techniques determination of antibody titers, which give specific response to the bacteria. During the inspection, the expert assesses the state of the scrotum, urethra, and prostate for complications.
  • The treatment regimen of urethritis in men selected on the basis of two problems. First, you need to remove the focus of inflammation from the body, thus docked infection. Second, the need to restore the wall of the urethra.
  • To achieve the first goal of the patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics. In parallel, antibiotics should take the enzymes, immunomodulators and multivitamin. These funds belong to the auxiliary and help avoid complications and side effects of drugs such as goiter, nausea, vomiting, and so the dispersion disorder. N.

The core courses are added procedures introduction of antiseptic solutions in the urethra. This method causes the death of 80% of the bacteria. The composition of drugs of this type contain substances aimed at restoring the damaged walls of the channel.