Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea: Symptoms and diagnosis of gonorrhea, treatment and prevention for women

Prevention of gonorrhea:

Gonorrhea – a classic disease of the field Venereology, being contagious, it has a kind of bacteria that cause it. Neisseria gonorrhoe, or genus Neisseria gonorrhea, are the causative agents of gonorrhea.

As with any venereal disease, gonorrhea has a risk group, it consists of tourists, business leaders, drug addicts and women in prostitution business and their clients.

Gonorrhea is a strong genital infection which you can get after sexual acts, so the main route of infection is, of course, sexual intercourse (genital-genital, anal or oral). When genital-genital, oral and anal sexual intercourse is an infection of the oral mucosa and the defeat of the rectum.

  • Despite the short life cycle of the bacteria, household way of infection still occurs. The cases of infestation occur in the following situations: lack of personal hygiene, household close contacts between parents and children.
  • It is also possible to get this infection of the fetus, passing through an infected birth canal.
  • There are cases of virus infection eye as a result of their contact with hands that are contaminated with excretions from infected genitals.
  • The main organs susceptible defeat by gonorrhea are the organs of the urogenital system (cervix, urethra, the lower part of the rectum). Perhaps the penetration of bacteria into the blood, which in very rare cases is the cause of metastasis, penetrating into the various organs and lead to sepsis.
  • The duration of the current latent gonorrhea (the incubation period) in men is different from women period. The first symptoms of gonorrhea you can feel later than appear the first signs of gonorrhea in men, this time period is up to a month, for men as it is usually less than a week.

Due to the asymptomatic gonorrhea in the female population increased likelihood of developing complications such as inflammation of the pelvic organs.

Often, the symptoms of gonorrhea misunderstood, and women are beginning to be treated for cystitis or thrush (candidiasis), this is due to similarity of symptoms.

There are several classifications of gonorrhea depending on their shapes and locations of dislocations.

Classification of gonorrhea (gonorrhea) depending on the nature of the disease:

  1. fresh gonorrhea;
  2. sluggish gonorrhea;
  3. gonorrhea hidden character (latent);
  4. Gonorrhea acute nature of the occurrence;
  5. Gonorrhea with subacute nature of the occurrence;
  6. chronic gonorrhea.

Classification of gonorrhea, made at the place of the defeat of gonococcal infection, and bacteremia in cases of infection in various organs:

  • Gonorrhea of ​​the rectum (occurs as a consequence of genital-anal intercourse, if there is to the anus scratches or cracks, as well as common in women affected the infection of urination, symptoms include swelling of the sphincter, the presence on it of cracks with possible purulent touch, painful sensation during defecation with a dedicated mucopurulent character; diagnosis after conducting a surface inspection is impossible);
  • Gonococcal stomatitis (occurs as a consequence of genital-oral intercourse with a partner suffering from gonorrhea, diagnosis of the variety of gonorrhea is difficult, however, and rarely, symptoms appear within a couple of days after the infection of the mouth and have the following effects: the constant dryness in the mouth during the initial stage as well as a burning sensation of the mouth, increased salivation may continue with a mixture of secretions mucopurulent character, the defeat of the oral mucosa, which is expressed in the swelling and pain);
  • The defeat of the gonorrhea bacteria eyes (through contact with hands contaminated with secretions of infected eyes);
    Cutaneous gonococcal infection (manifested skin rashes of various kinds, length of stay on the skin which comes to five days and can then be light pigmentation);
  • The defeat of the nervous system gonococcal bacteria (rather rare cases, it can be said unit, when in the cerebrospinal fluid confirmed the presence of the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae, are also possible psychological trauma as a result of the diagnosis, they are expressed in the following form: irritability, fatigue, feelings of depression leading to suicidal thoughts ).
    prevention of gonorrhea

Gonorrhea: Symptoms

  • Chronic gonorrhea can not express themselves, and if still present any symptoms, they are fairly minor. In a complicated course of the disease is determined by the existence of complaints other organ except the genitourinary system.
  • Women are often distributors of this infection. The clinical picture of gonorrhea in women is not rich about the symptoms, for this reason, about 80 percent of women are unaware of their disease because the symptoms manifest themselves so weak, that the woman did not even pay attention to them.

Despite this, it is still possible to note some of them:

  1. heavy vaginal discharge yellowish-white;
  2. endometrial irritation of the vagina, leading to pain during intercourse;
  3. pain in the abdomen, as well as in the process of urination;
  4. bleeding in the middle of the menstrual cycle.
  5. Lack of treatment can lead to infertility! As a result of the defeat of infection of the fallopian tubes, is their blockage, which is a serious problem in conceiving.