Skin Health

Only few residents of large cities never had problems with the skin and didn’t seek for help at the dermatologist. Tp find a good specialist, who will carefully treat your problem and restore the healthy condition of the skin- is very difficult. But proper care of the health of the skin will help you maintain the health of the organism as a whole.

Our skin – a kind of “mirror” that reflects the whole body.

  • Often, it is the first signals about any faults in the system: there are a rash, redness, itching, unpleasant. Factors causing skin diseases (and not just skin), set, and to protect yourself from them is extremely difficult. Poor environment, unbalanced diet, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal disorders, genital infections, genetic factors, a weak immune system often cause serious skin problems.

One of the most common – psoriasis.

  • It is a complex disease has a chronic course. On the skin appear red plaques covered with whitish scales. Psoriasis can manifest itself at any age, and its causes modern medicine still can not name exactly.
  • Chronic psoriasis with periodic exacerbations. Any psoriasis patient can take the form of a system with the defeat of the joints and internal organs, which could then cause a disability.
  • Treatment should include both general therapy, and topical application of various combinations of ointments. When properly selected common therapy may achieve long-term remission of the disease resistant.
  • And in such a situation is particularly acute question is how to find a good and experienced dermatologist who alleviate the suffering.

Extensive experience in the treatment of psoriasis and other serious skin diseases have a doctor-dermatologist venereologist, candidate of medical sciences, health care Dylan Mcnamara. He is the chief physician of the Integrated Clinic and is considered one of the best dermatologists capital. Dylan Mcnamara treated patients and other clinics, which after a serious examination could not diagnose or set wrong. By the way, if you have on hand the results of the survey in other clinics, they must take with them.

Dylan Mcnamara believes that the skin – is a big body that reflects the general state of the body and at the same time protects it from the effects of many negative factors. But some skin diseases can be dangerous even for life. For example, abrasions – a chronic inflammatory process, accompanied by the constant emergence of new foci of inflammation of the skin. It causes a lot of pain and requires immediate professional advice.

However, not only such serious problems with the skin, such as psoriasis and abrasions, in need of treatment. Acne, papillomas, warts, dermatitis, and many others that seem frivolous at first glance, skin diseases, can bring a lot of discomfort.