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Protect your knees

In this article we will talk about how to protect your knees on yoga classes, and describe the most common knee problems.

Problems with the knees is not uncommon among Western people. Many people starting to practice yoga, already have bad knees, others, unfortunately, get them due to improper practices.

Patients knees, resulting from yoga, often due to the fact that dealing with, began his practice in adulthood, too early to begin asanas with the load on the knee, having unsolved hip and ankle joints. Continue Reading

Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea: Symptoms and diagnosis of gonorrhea, treatment and prevention for women

Prevention of gonorrhea:

Gonorrhea – a classic disease of the field Venereology, being contagious, it has a kind of bacteria that cause it. Neisseria gonorrhoe, or genus Neisseria gonorrhea, are the causative agents of gonorrhea. Continue Reading

Treatment of urethritis in men

Urethritis – inflammation that affects the urethra, manifests discomfort during urination and urethral discharge with an unpleasant odor.

The disease can affect both male and female genitourinary system, but because of the anatomical features of the body in men the disease is much harder to pass, and the symptoms are more acute before. This is due to the length and narrowness of the channel. Continue Reading

Swimming for health


Swimming activity is known to a human since ancient times. The history of swimming goes back centuries. In one of the museums of Turin, for example, stored bas-relief depicting a man swimming. Movement swimmer captured the ancient Egyptian sculptor’s chisel, as two drops of water similar to the elements of modern breaststroke. And the age of this historic relic is estimated at 3000 years! Continue Reading

Skin Health

Only few residents of large cities never had problems with the skin and didn’t seek for help at the dermatologist. Tp find a good specialist, who will carefully treat your problem and restore the healthy condition of the skin- is very difficult. But proper care of the health of the skin will help you maintain the health of the organism as a whole. Continue Reading

Male potency

Increased potency in men – is normalization and preservation of function of the male reproductive system, and restoring the functions of the prostate in men. How to maintain potency and virility? In the life business of modern man is always a lot of negative things – that the daily stress and excessive workload, unhealthy environment, anxiety because of the uncertainty about the future. This results in a business fatigue syndrome, namely, the sharp decrease of sexual potency. How to avoid this, we take a closer look. Continue Reading

Ten reasons to give up smoking

Every smoker even once in his life thought about how to quit smoking, but there is also a justification for his habit. Quitting smoking is possible only when you are firmly decided to do this. This article looks at the top 10 reasons why the cost to quit smoking, quitting smoking algorithm, as well as the stage of recovery of the body after quitting. Continue Reading

The best time for a sleep

The sweetest time to sleep – night. But what if you want to sleep during the day? Especially after lunch, when the eyes are closed by themselves, and the body and asks a little nap. Should we sacrifice working hours and fell on the bed or a cozy couch office? Continue Reading


Gallbladder – an organ of the digestive system, which performs the function of collecting the bile from the liver and regulate its release to the duodenum, depending on meals. Options are to activate bile digestive enzymes in the gut and emulsifying fats (grinding process large fat droplets into smaller) to facilitate their digestion. Continue Reading

Symptoms of liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis – a progressive disease of the liver, bearing chronic and characterized by connective tissue replacement of normal liver cells. Cirrhosis of the liver can occur as a result of a number of remote disease of the liver, such as cholestasis, hepatitis and others. Continue Reading

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