The best time for a sleep

The sweetest time to sleep – night. But what if you want to sleep during the day? Especially after lunch, when the eyes are closed by themselves, and the body and asks a little nap. Should we sacrifice working hours and fell on the bed or a cozy couch office?

  • It should, but sometimes not all and not always. It so happens that an afternoon nap instead of a slackness brings vigor and desire to sleep on. Generally sleep day is divided into several types.
  • This regular sleep (when you strictly go take a nap every day), planned (if to be a party or a flight to another country and you have to be active and alert), and sleep is not planned (“off” right to work and do this sleepiness can not cope ).
  • Usually, regular sleep after lunch practice “larks”, who had already experienced a strong decline in activity. “Owls” go on a break a little later – about four o’clock in the evening. Actually, it all depends on how much the thief you wake in the morning and what time you go to bed at night. For example, “lark” better napping starting from two hours of the day and “owls” – three or four. It was during this time reduced brain activity, so go on vacation immediately feel as “fog” in the head.

How nap? Just 10 minutes to lie down with your eyes closed, or “fall out of reality” for an hour and a half? Again, it all depends on what you want to get out of sleep: light refreshment or a global recovery could. You can lie on the couch half an hour and you can go to bed and silk blanket nap for an hour.

Daytime sleep: if he needed

There are several types afternoon nap.

  • The first of them – ultrasonography. He is a short, but well to release the head from information overload. Lots of this dream – 6 minutes. Ultrasonography practice to memorize the students (they can even sleep in the pair).
  • If 6 minutes – absolutely not enough to recuperate, you can fall asleep for 10 minutes. This is microsleep. It is too bad invigorating, if the body is more tired. Besides, after awakening from microsleep not arise “sleepy inertia” when a person is not aware of where he is and what is happening around.
  • Another type of sleep – the so-called “drunk”, lasting 45 minutes. Here it is just may be the most “sleepy inertia”. But after waking person feels more energetic.
  • Pupils and children attending kindergarten, the most useful “long” nap. It is about an hour and a half hours. It is best to sleep it is half an hour, because it will be easier to wake up, if you have the awakening of a short phase of sleep.
  • But concrete recommendations for an afternoon sleep still does not give any scientist – a sleep. So listen to your body and capability to supplement the lack of sleep the night the day when there is a desire and due conditions.