Ten reasons to give up smoking

Every smoker even once in his life thought about how to quit smoking, but there is also a justification for his habit. Quitting smoking is possible only when you are firmly decided to do this. This article looks at the top 10 reasons why the cost to quit smoking, quitting smoking algorithm, as well as the stage of recovery of the body after quitting.

  1. To live a healthy life.
  2. To live longer.
  3. Getting rid of addiction.
  4. To improve the health of others.
  5. Do not spend money for nothing.
  6. Feel better.
  7. Look better.
  8. Improve the quality of life.
  9. A healthy offspring.
  10. To improve sexual health.

Stages of recovery of the body after quitting

After Occurs:

  • 20 minutes
    a slight decrease in blood pressure
  • 8 ocloc’k
    the blood is cleansed of the poisonous carbon monoxide, thus disappears halitosis typical for smokers
  • 24 hours
    reduces the risk of heart attack
  • 48 hours
    exacerbated taste and smell begins to fade physical dependence is psychological
  • 3 days
    significantly improved breathing
  • 3 months
    improves blood circulation, increases by 30% lung capacity, improves sleep
  • 9 months
    increases immunity to infections disappear coughing and breathing typical smoker, increases efficiency
  • 1 year
    50% reduced risk of cardio-vascular system as compared with smokers
  • 5 years
    decreased 2-fold risk of developing cancer of the mouth and esophagus, the risk of myocardial infarction and death from coronary artery disease returns to the level characteristic of the never smokers
  • 10 years
    oral cancer risk decreases lung 2 times

The risk of dying from diseases related to smoking is reduced by 2 times when quitting smoking up to 50 years; significantly reduced the risk of death for smoking cessation, even after 70 years.

Quitting smoking early in pregnancy results in the birth of children with normal weight

In addition to reducing the risk of disease, smoking cessation provides many additional advantages:
* Increased physical activity,
* Enhances or restores potency
* Improves the perception of taste and smell of food,
* Improves the complexion,
* Improves sleep,
* Unleash the free time previously spent on cigarette smoking,
* Save money.
Negative only result of smoking cessation can be weight gain. But it is fixable.

Algorithm for quitting smoking:

Step 1. Make a list on paper the reasons why you quit smoking. Browse it more often.
Step 2. Think about nikotinozamenitelyah: patch, gum, tablets.
Step 3. Find a friend who also wants to quit smoking.
Step 4. Assign a day of smoking cessation. On the eve throw ashtrays and lighters. And in the day “X” – and cigarettes.
Step 5. At home you will not have to smoke.
Step 6. Avoid alcohol, caffeine. Try not to be nervous.
Step 7. Drink plenty of water and exercise. Suffice it to brisk walking for 30 minutes four times a week.
Step 8. Refrain from the first cigarette. It takes only a cigarette and you’ll run the risk of smoke.

How to mitigate the “impact” of the body

Every day, eat citrus fruits, rosehips and parsley. Take vitamin C in its purest form.
Diversify the diet of bran, kvass, beef kidneys, liver. These products contain nicotinic acid.
In the morning on an empty stomach to drink milk products bifidumbacterin.
Fueled in vitamin A and beta-carotene (but do not overdo it). Mucous lung and bronchus is formed from them.
Excrete harmful resins. Will tea tricolor violet and oregano.
Resins may be evaporated in the bath.
For aromatherapy use the oils of pine, eucalyptus and frankincense.

Tobacco smoke – a mixture of gases, vapors and solid minute particles. In tobacco smoke Total 4,000 chemical compounds and agents. From 30 to 60 components of tobacco smoke – carcinogens, causing cancer.

Clear the area from cigarette smoke can help plants:

  • Chlorophytum, ivy, chrysanthemum, aloe – clean the air.
  • Citrus, rosemary and myrtle – destroy harmful bacteria and microbes.
  • Geranium – deodorizes the air.
  • Asparagus – absorbs particles of heavy metals.

But the best way to get rid of cigarette smoke – quit smoking, then you and we wish!