Syphilis – an infection that is transmitted most often through sexual contact, but it is possible and infection in the home, as well as the transmission of the infection through the placenta from the mother of a sick child is not yet born. It is this form of infection is called congenital.

Congenital syphilis in children necessarily mean that they are born from the sick mother.

Congenital syphilis in children is early and late:

  • By early congenital disease experts attribute the disease itself fetus, syphilis and infant disease of early childhood.
  • By the late congenital syphilis include all manifestations of congenital disease, which first appear after the third year of life, most symptoms in this case arise under the age of puberty, after 14-16 years.
  • In most cases, syphilis causes a miscarriage or the birth of a child with severe developmental disabilities that are visible to the naked eye.

However, if the baby is healthy in general, be afraid of maternal syphilis in the history is not necessary. Modern methods of treatment allow to cure the child from all forms of congenital syphilis: both those who are in this particular period and those that may develop in the future as the body does not appear irreversible changes.

If your child has a history of congenital syphilis, it has already received the necessary therapy to eliminate (ie redemption) of Treponema pallidum (the microbe that causes this disease). Treponema pallidum is sensitive to antibiotics and the treatment is short.

About the tactics of treatment is as follows:

  • On admission to the maternity hospital mother passes syphilis testing. If the test is positive, then see if the baby is infected with no visible symptoms of the disease, it is impossible. But because syphilis is curable with modern medicines, the child begin treatment with antibiotics in the maternity hospital proactively, without waiting for the appearance of antibodies to the virus in his blood. As a rule, the house healthy baby baby arrives, but it is still just in case check, making repeated analyzes. Then put on the account in the HPC to a complete cure.
  • If the biological mother was sick with syphilis in the initial stage, the child was born without malformations, and in the hospital he underwent medical therapy, then he is healthy and does not pose a danger to others, and his health is not threatened. Immunity to syphilis did not exist, so he can get in the future, as well as all adults, but its history is irrelevant.
  • The child is safe for the family, and you can not catch him. His mental and physical development does not depend on the presence of a history of suffering congenital syphilis and is determined by the associated diseases and conditions in the postpartum period.

Treatment of early congenital syphilis.

Children with early congenital syphilis, 6 courses prescribe a specific treatment. Children under 1 year are treated with penicillin without the use of drugs bismuth. Breaks between courses of treatment – 2 weeks.

Treatment of children with late congenital syphilis (ages 5 to 15 years). Assign at least 8 courses of treatment. When the positive serology and clinical course of the disease can only be treated with penicillin (dyurantnymi or drugs) in combination with restorative therapy. If the child has a particular pathology of the internal organs, nervous system, eyes, prescribe penicillin in combination with drugs bismuth (last entry at the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th courses).

Currently, based on the numerous and long-term observations can assume that syphilis is curable in the majority of patients at the beginning of the full treatment provided in the early stages of the disease.

Children who have received treatment for congenital syphilis (all forms), the attending physician within 5 years, and then completely removed from the register.