Male potency

Increased potency in men – is normalization and preservation of function of the male reproductive system, and restoring the functions of the prostate in men. How to maintain potency and virility? In the life business of modern man is always a lot of negative things – that the daily stress and excessive workload, unhealthy environment, anxiety because of the uncertainty about the future. This results in a business fatigue syndrome, namely, the sharp decrease of sexual potency. How to avoid this, we take a closer look.

How to save a man’s strength?

The basis of this disease, according to doctors, is a poor diet and lack of body needs vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Canadian researcher A.Hoffer considers one of the main reasons for the decline of potency – hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia – a sharp decline in blood sugar. Increased potency – is on its way it may be hypoglycemia, as it may not only cause a lack of sexual desire, but also the emotional exhaustion, irritability, depression. It happens just because of the saturation of the body with carbohydrates – the more we eat flour and sweet, the faster decreases the blood sugar level. A nutritionist from the US M.Uolker states that if part of everyday diet so that the food is fully ensure the energy needs of the body, but it was not excessive, then all this can be avoided. You just need to eat less sugar and fat and more foods that are rich in fiber. Increased potency, preservation of sexual energy are not possible without a number of specific rules and minerals, which also contribute to the overall improvement of the body. One way to fill the energy – Ginger and Ivan-tea. Ivan tea – a truly Herculean tea restores virility, treats hypertension and normalize blood pressure, metabolism, and restore the nervous system, improve immunity.

Men’s diet.

  • A very good tool for the normalization of metabolism and increasing energy is Ivan tea. Ivan Tea willow useful therapeutic healing herb for men and promotes proper nutrition. It is necessary to have as many vegetables and fruits, as the whole fruit juice is much more preferable – they are rich in fiber. On the day it is necessary to eat a fruit or vegetable that contains vitamin A. This may be a carrot (red varieties is better to choose, it contains more carotene), ripe red and yellow fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, vegetables are rich in vitamin C (currants , citrus fruits, green peppers, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes). The diet should include foods rich in vitamin E (wheat bran, nuts, sunflower seeds, rye bread, vegetable oil, fish, seafood. Zinc deficiency can lead to prostatitis and impotence. It is mainly found in peas, beans, garlic, mushrooms, parsley, potatoes, turnips, cauliflower, corn. of animal protein also can not be forgotten, but about the use of fatty sauces is better to forget. Cook food is better for a couple of eggs and cheese is better to limit in your diet. White sugar is better to replace honey. Each day to prepare their own salad from fresh vegetables, leafy greens with a minimum consumption of salt. The salt in many foods found in natural water, although it thus also added to the ready-made meals. If you give up the salt completely is impossible, or at least replace it necessary to sea salt. Also, the salt can be replaced by marine brown algae are rich in iodine, iron and other minerals. Successfully will also replace salt with herbs, spices, lemon juice.
  • You need to eat small portions, sharing their daily diet for 6-8 receptions. Overeating thus not recommended. Excess weight will go away, even if at the same time to drink a half hour before eating half a cup of willow-herb, which is an extremely positive effect on the increase in potency. Immediately after a meal drink food does not need. A hearty breakfast is recommended to be of cereal, beans, protein-rich foods other – they will provide a slow release of energy in your body throughout the day. Sour milk products such as yogurt, yogurt, acidophilus, Narine, mare – light and nutritious snack if you go to add brewer’s yeast and wheat germ. But vegetable oils (palm, coconut), white flour and other refined foods should be avoided. Limit consumption of sugary carbonated beverages, canned food, chocolate, salted nuts, abundant dessert, sweets, jams, ice cream, jams, jellies, confectionery. Increased potency in a natural way – it is not a matter of a couple of days. First of all, you need a balanced diet and review your daily routine.
  • Before breakfast should drink half a glass of herbal composition of the Active Man for half an hour before a meal, then eat fresh fruit, and first breakfast is necessary that it was hot cereal with low-fat milk and fresh fruit. Cottage cheese, boiled egg, a dish of beans. Bread is desirable to use wholemeal or whole grains. Before lunch is recommended to drink a glass of tomato juice or eat yogurt, but without flour. At lunch – the same bread wholemeal go whole grains, lentil soup, or fresh vegetables, a salad of fresh vegetables, cheese, lean meat, cheese, chicken or fish, or fruit juice. Before lunch, snack better seeds, nuts, fresh fruit. Half an hour before dinner is recommended to drink half a cup of Active Man. Lunch should consist of a large salad for the season of raw vegetables, broth of lean meat, chicken; fish, baked potatoes, brown rice and fresh corn on the cob. For the evening better to leave dairy products, fresh fruit, low-fat milk. Half an hour before dinner, we take half a cup of Active Man. This menu is sure to affect the increase in potency and improving the quality of sexual life and the normalization of metabolism and weight loss

Cyprus – Men’s grass in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis

  • Very often the reason for the decrease in libido is a depression or mental depression. One of the best natural remedies to suppress stress this narrow-leaved willow (Ivan-tea). To beat back depression and mental well-being must learn to perceive the world around you with a predominance of positive over negative. Evaluation of his happiness allows you to quickly find the base to overcome the oppressive experiences and set the mood, dissatisfaction with their lives and themselves. We must learn to celebrate all the good things happening to you, and do not focus on the negative aspects. Virtually all need to learn how to celebrate the positive side, and soon you will notice that everything began to openly rejoice. Negative points are by the cost of our life, all you need to quickly forget. Of course, the big shock cures only time, but minor troubles should not pay attention, or they will go into the accumulation of prolonged depression and leave a mark in our psychological balance.

Exercise. Muscle tone increases the activity of the species or outdoor games with their children, they lead to the production of hormones joy – endorphins. Most joke and smile, you get a response, and positive emotions are guaranteed. Also, it will enhance confidence. Sleep lie necessarily in a good mood, then you wake up in a good mood too.

Increased potency – is what determines your life. Unique Active Man herbal compound based on medicinal herbs. It contains all the vitamins, for restoration of male power, the treatment of prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia stages I and II, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Rich in flavonoids, organic acids, tannins and pectin. It is used to treat headaches, normalize blood pressure, while intoxication, including alcohol, positive effect on the nervous system, reduces anxiety, improves the immune system, normalizes metabolism, promotes weight loss, improves the condition of the skin, restores the normal acid-alkaline balance , strengthens blood vessels.