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Swelling of the face

Edema of any etiology indicate excessive accumulation of fluid in the intercellular spaces and internal organs of the human body and there are general and local. Face edema belongs to the category of local and becomes noticeable when the body has accumulated about three liters of excess fluid.

A similar phenomenon may be a consequence of disruption of one or more organs. Continue Reading


Syphilis – an infection that is transmitted most often through sexual contact, but it is possible and infection in the home, as well as the transmission of the infection through the placenta from the mother of a sick child is not yet born. It is this form of infection is called congenital. Continue Reading

Drugs for skin diseases

External drugs intended for the treatment of skin diseases:

The effectiveness of therapeutic action of the drug is largely dependent on where in the dosage form is used: in the form of a lotion or compress, paste or ointment and etc.

External drugs most frequently used in the following pharmacological forms: 1) a lotion, 2) compresses, 3) powders, 4) liquid paste (aqueous and oily, 5) of pasta, 6) ointment 7) creams, 8) patches 9) and adhesive 10) soap. Continue Reading

Erosive gastritis

What is erosive gastritis?

Erosive gastritis – a type of inflammation of the gastric mucosa of acute and chronic origin, distinguishing feature of which is the formation of small defects (erosions) on its surface. Continue Reading

What you can’t eat with gastritis?

What you can not eat at gastritis with acidity?

  • In this type of inflammation is not recommended for dishes with a part of the substance:
  • stimulating the production of gastric juice;
  • aggressive actions on the stomach wall;
  • stimulate fermentation processes;
  • poorly digested in the stomach. Continue Reading

DNA sequencing

Scientists at the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne city found a way to significantly improve the accuracy of reading DNA by pulling through the nanopore. The gain in the precision able to obtain by using a special kind of solvents, in which DNA is moving considerably slower than in ordinary water. Continue Reading

How to quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is not easy, but it’s worth it. In a month it will improve the complexion, in six months pass cough, and only one year is required to risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack halved compared to a smoker. It seems that to cope with the bad habit can not afford? There are three groups of drugs that will increase your chances of success. Continue Reading

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